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3 “Hidden” Things You Should Know to Boost Credit Scores

The Little-Known Ways to Boost Credit Sores Most of you know that you should always make your payments on time to keep your credit scores from heading south. That one good habit should keep your credit scores from sinking down into the abyss. However, making minimum payments towards your balances...

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3 First Steps to Remedy Debt

It’s Also What You Do About Your Debt In the last post, I said that your major problem is how you feel about debt. Of course, changing the way you feel doesn’t automatically fix anything, but it sure spur you to take action. One problem that is surprisingly common is...

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It’s How You Feel About Your Debt

My story: Out of Luck and Out of Love   Don’t think I don’t know the feeling of being afraid to answer the phone or open my mailbox because of debt notices from a variety of public and private sources. Yes, a few years ago, I had them all after...

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