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Debt Remedies for the Rest of Us by Alev Solak

When you’re in debt, you’re biggest problem is not a lack of money. You’re biggest issue is the fact that your financial woes are making you feel bad about your lack of money. Alev Solak understands this issue very well. To help readers cope with debt, he makes the very good point that the worst thing that debtors can do is hide from their problems.

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These are just some of the questions that Debt Remedies for the Rest of Us answers:

  • Where can you find legitimate credit counseling services that aren’t just out to suck more money?
  • What should you do if you cannot pay your bill to the IRS?
  • Do you need help negotiating debt with creditors, or can you handle it yourself and save more money?
  • How can you reduce high medical bills that insurance won’t cover?
  • What to you do if debt collectors are hassling you for money?




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