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Our privacy policy is simple. We care about your privacy! Just to make sure that we have crossed T’s and dotted i’s, this page covers the basic RemediesfortheRestofUS.com privacy policy.

Your personal information: We do not collect any personally identifiable information without your consent. That is, if you fill out a form and give us that information, we have collected it. However, if you simply browse the website without filling in forms, we don’t have it.

Aggregated information: We do collect statistics about website visitors, but the information cannot identify you personally. Like almost all other websites on the Internet, we use that information to see which pages are popular, develop quality content, and optimize our website to serve our visitors.

We won’t sell it: If you do fill out a form, we will only use your information for what we say we will use it for. We don’t sell information. It is possible we will use it for a rare promotion, but that will be something you will be aware of.

Third parties: If you leave this website, via a third-party advertisement or link, we are not in charge of that website’s privacy policy.

If you have any further questions, don’t hesitate to contact us via the contact page.




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